Reinvesting in Social Work Reinvesting in Social Work Reinvesting in Social Work
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Initiative Action Plan
View state specific Social Work Reinvestment Plan.

View state Social Work Reinvestment Initiative coalition partners and affiliated stakeholders.

View state specific licensure requirements.

Number of Social Workers by County

Education Programs
View social work education programs accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE).

View the largest employers of social workers in the state.

View state specific articles that discuss or promote the Social Work Reinvestment Initiative.

State Level Requirements
View laws, regulations, or accreditations to stipulate certain requirements for professional social workers.

State Summary from the National Study of Licensed Social Workers PDF
View characteristics of state respondents to the National Study of Licensed Social Workers, including race, age, education level, primary practice area, and compensation. To see the full study, please visit:

Last Updated: 5/29/2008