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The Utah Chapter, NASW’s plan for the Social Work Reinvestment Initiative (SWRI) is centered in stakeholder involvement. Key leadership within NASW and entities in the community that influence the climate for social work will gather in Summer 2008 to discuss the Chapters preliminary SWRI goals, implementation strategies, and possible additional goals of the group members. NASW's meeting objective is to establish a shared vision among meeting attendees and develop strategies for working together to meet common goals and support one another in the work we do in the State. The Chapter's preliminary goals were developed after careful survey work of all Chapter membership and Chapter leadership.


The Utah SWRI meeting is by invitation only and attendees will include the largest employers of social workers in Utah. In addition, government agencies, university’s deans and directors, and influential law makers will be invited.  Small focus groups will be formed to work on key issues throughout the year. 


Attendees will be part of the Utah SWRI Alliance. Achieving SWRI goals will require good planning including measures of accountability, timelines, and collaboration. Currently, the Chapter’s SWRI goals include: increasing public education through advertising of social work and its applications; addressing issues of deprofessionalization through legislative changes in licensing laws and rules; improving salaries and increasing career assistance through employer education and social work resume services; recruiting into the profession through targeted marketing strategies; and increasing training opportunities for social workers through continuing education and optional supervisor training.