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Social work professionals in Tennessee provide important services to Tennesseans from all walks of life. The Tennessee Chapter of NASW was pleased in 2007 to join with other states around the nation in gathering data about the social work profession in our state and to begin planning how we could increase investments in the social work profession.
From the beginning of our efforts we realized it was important to maximize the involvement of NASW-TN’s leadership and other key social work leaders in a collaborative effort. In November and December of 2007 NASW-TN convened meetings of 35 of our state's key social work leaders  to work initially on Tennessee's SWRI plan. (This group included Deans and Directors of MSW and BSW Social Work Education Programs, representatives from the Tennessee Social Work Education Consortium and Tennessee Center for Child Welfare, Social Work Employers, NASW-TN Board and Staff Leaders, and representatives from the Tennessee Association of School Social Workers and the Tennessee Society of Health Care Social Workers.) This group reviewed planned action steps  and brainstormed many additional areas where we could work together. The attached SWRI plan outlines the initial steps we will be taking in Tennessee. Additional areas where we will continue to work together will be prioritized in the Spring.

Completed: 2/11/2008