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Illinois Social Work Reinvestment Initiative (SWRI) Plan




A. The intent of the national and state Social Work Reinvestment Initiative (SWRI)


The NASW National office recently announced a major initiative designed to unify and

advance the social work profession at the state and national levels. The Social Work

Reinvestment Initiative is an integrated action plan that addresses four of the key goals

identified by the Social Work Congress in 2005. The Reinvestment Initiative builds on the National Social Work Public Education Campaign and the recent findings by the NASW Workforce Center.


As explained by Elizabeth Clark, PhD, ACSW, MPH, “The goal is to get government, employers, and others to fully recognize the importance of social work and to persuade them to assist us in recruiting, retaining, and retraining professional social workers.” Work on the initiative will begin at the state level and will include components such as funding for social work education, support for research, strengthening policies and regulations to support social work practice, and social work education loan forgiveness.


B. The following are the steps used in developing the Illinois Social Work Reinvestment (SWRI) plan:


  • Initial meeting with Joel Rubin, Sandra Mills, and Kathy Wehrmann
  • Initial presentation of SWRI plan to Board of Directors
  • Discussion of SWRI plan with Deans and Directors at NASW-IL conference on September 24, 2007
  • Review by NASW-IL Board of Directors
  • Posting on NASW-IL website
  • Submit final preliminary draft to National office by December 31, 2007 deadline


C. The groups supporting NASW that will be given the opportunity to review the Chapter’s SWRI plan are listed below:


¨ Illinois Association of Deans and Directors

¨ Fieldwork Directors

¨ American Network of Home Health Care Social Workers, Inc

¨ Association for Community Organizations and Social Administration (ACOSA)

¨ Association for the Advancement of Social Work with Groups, Inc.-IL

¨ Association of Police Social Workers

¨ Chicago Perinatal Social Workers

¨ Illinois Association of School Social Workers

¨ Illinois Association of School Social Workers- Supervisors and Coordinators Council

¨ Illinois Society for Clinical Social Work

¨ Latino Social Workers Organization

¨ National Association of Black Social Workers, Chicago

¨ National Association of Social Workers, IL

¨ National Network for Social Work Managers

¨ Northern Illinois Employee Assistance Professionals Association

¨ Social Workers Helping Social Workers

¨ Social Work Alternative Healthcare Network-Chicago

¨ Society for Social Work Leadership in Healthcare, IL

¨ National Association of Social Workers membership (through NASW-IL website)

Completed: 1/7/2008