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During the last quarter of 2007, social workers throughout Georgia had the opportunity to participate in 10 meetings which were designed to obtain input and guidance about the furture of social work in our state. There was a general consensus about the issues facing Georgia's social workers today. A draft of the planning documents was placed on the Chapter website for December to encourage additional comments and recommendations. Based on the information gathered to date, three planning documents have been developed which address:   

  1. Enhancing the public’s knowledge of social work practice in Georgia.
  2. Securing passage of a State social work educational loan forgiveness program.
  3. Promoting and training social workers for leadership and management positions.
In addition to these priorities, SWRI GOALS PRIORITIZED by Georgia social workers include:  
  1. Mentor and develop new social workers.
  2. Increase the number of social workers holding public office in GA.
  3. Increase salaries for social workers.
  4. Increase the number of licensed social workers in GA.
  5. Recruit more individuals into the profession of social work.
  6. Streamline the licensing process.
 The NASW-GA Board of Directors will review these additional priorities and develop action plans as possible. 

Completed: 1/15/2008