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“The Social Work Reinvestment Initiative [SWRI] is a collaborative effort comprised of leading social work organizations and other stakeholders committed to securing federal and state investments related to recruitment, training, retention, and research that strengthens the profession and the communities it serves.”*


The DC Metro Chapter, NASW Social Work Reinvestment Plan is embedded in the chapter’s 2006-2008 Strategic Plan.  The goals of Strategic Plan are:


  1. To promote the profession.
  2. To enhance professional development and practice.
  3. To influence social policy and legislation, and
  4. To strengthen the organization.


We believe that the specific tasks and activities of the chapter’s Strategic Plan also address the goals of the SWRI.  These activities and tasks are designed to:


  1. Increase visibility of social work in the DC metropolitan area.
  2. Plan and implement a Biennial Conference.
  3. Support and promote educational and training developed by the Program Committee.
  4. Explore the capacity for Chapter-sponsored electronic web training.
  5. Offer licensing seminars to promote professional development and advancement.
  6. Create opportunities for special topic forum discussions, panels and debates.
  7. Collaborate with social work organizations and Schools of Social Work to strengthen practice and professional development.
  8. Identify key local and national social policy issues for legislative and political advocacy.
  9. Advocate for social justice issues that impact social work clients and others.
  10. Advocate for professional social work issues such as loan forgiveness, tax credits, reimbursement, recognition, title protection, research, salary, caseloads and safety.
  11. Increase local policy makers’ use of social work expertise and leadership.






* A Mandate For Action: SWR (Fact Sheet)

Completed: 2/20/2008