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In 2007, the Chapter executive director invited members of the Chapter to complete two surveys regarding services offered by the Chapter. Results from the surveys are incomplete waiting for final tabulation. Based upon cursory feedback, inexpensive or free continuing education programs offered by Units and workshops at the Chapter conference were identified to be of paramount value. This service assists members meet licensure continuing education requirements. Many cannot afford  time from work to attend other conferences or programs or to pay for other programs. In general, responses indicated overall satisfaction with the Chapter.


The SWRI Power Point presentation provided by National was presented at a Board meeting and a copy was provided to all Board members and Units to share with members. The plan was discussed at Board meetings and active participation and input were invited. Due to the loss of the executive director just as the action plan was beginning and the transition period that followed,  there has been a delay in gathering data, writing and implementing the plan. A committee has been formed to oversee the plan. Additional research and thorough thought will result in a more complete plan of action. The following presents the Alabama Chapter’s current plan as of February 15, 2008.

Completed: 2/14/2008