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State Legislation
Each state or territory represented by an NASW Chapter has developed a Social Work Reinvestment Plan—in partnership with local schools of social work, social service providers, various social work employers and other partners—that reflects local issues affecting the profession and the people social workers serve. Search these plans individually or compare Social Work Reinvestment Initiative elements between jurisdictions.

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Cross-State Data

Legislation Issues Chart
Search through various legislation which affects the profession of social work, including expected outcome and/or current status of a particular issue.

Licensure Comparison Report
Search 41 professional social work licensure categories and compare and contrast state characteristics.

Licensure Count Report
Search 41 professional social work licensure categories and view how many social workers are licensed under a particular category.

Degrees by State Report
Search BSW, MSW, DSW, and PhD programs in each state and view numbers of current enrollees as well as past graduates.

National Overview of Legislative Issues PDF

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